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Arden featured on Napster

Arden was a Featured Artist on Napster’s pop page making her the first unsigned artist to have been given such exposure on

Dave Chung for

Arden’s passionate vocals, unique blend of musical styles, lyricism, and impressive range make her an artist that is very hard to forget. . . . By the end of the show, after witnessing a talent that is already recognized as a star waiting in the wings, I could not help but echo the sentiments of the Kaywin fans seated next to me: That was so good!”

Wildy’s World

“Kaywin blends together varying musical styles as easily as falling off a log.  Don't say I didn't warn you, this one is going to be everywhere.”

Brian Lush for

“The Elephant In The Room is a glorious sophomore release.”

Lindsey Darden,

“Smuggling gems beneath a brilliant cover of poplicious hooks and cute promo shots is a clever move, accommodating of listeners who appreciate a glittery exterior while appealing to those who live and breathe for singer/songwriter versatility.  The Elephant in the Room creates a playful, imaginative, dreamy world in which Kaywin’s stories are told with a bizarre charm characteristic of artists such as Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette and Rufus Wainwright.”

Seraphina for

“This is smart pop. Her vocals are delicate but her lyrics lie in a savvy bed of assertion.”


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