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songwriting & production

songwriting & production

In addition to her solo recording career, Arden writes and produces songs for other recording artists. She loves collaborating with developing artists to help them find their sound and is always open to new projects.


Past projects include:

Ruby Chase

"Hit Song"

Arden Kaywin: Songwriter & Vocal Producer, Ruby Chase: Songwriter, Loren Gold & James Renald: Producers

Jude Elliot

"Time Stood Still"

EP - Arden Kaywin: Songwriter & Producer, Jude Elliot: Songwriter, Jeff Bova: Producer

Kelli Berglund

"Crazy" & "So Simple"

Arden Kaywin: Songwriter, Producer & Vocal Producer, Amy Powers: Songwriter, Howie Hersh & Loren Gold: Producers


"No Regrets"

EP - Arden Kaywin: Arrangement & Vocal Producer, Rudy Haeusermann: Producer

Matt Carlson

“Blue” & “Deaf In A Beautiful City"

Arden Kaywin: Vocal Producer, Matt Carlson: Songwriter, Rudy Haausermann: Producer

Danielle Bessler

“When You Believe In God”

Arden Kaywin Vocal Producer

William Pilgrim

"The Great Recession" album

Arden Kaywin: Vocal Producer, Phil Romero: Songwriter & Producer

Ben & Sarah Charney

"Waiting For This Day"

EP - Arden Kaywin: Vocal Producer, Jeff Bova: Producer

Nicole Holt

"Girlfriend Test”

Arden Kaywin: Vocal Producer

Elena Koslova


Arden Kaywin: Vocal Producer

Jordan Perez

“Luna’s Lullabye”

Arden Kaywin: Songwriter, Jordan Perez: Songwriter, Jeff Bova: Producer

Jackie Emerson

“What If”

Arden Kaywin: Songwriter, Jackie Emerson: Songwriter, Jeff Bova: Producer

Addie Amper

"Nobody Like Me"

EP - Arden Kaywin: Vocal Producer, Amy Powers: Songwriter, Jeff Bova: Producer

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